Getting Buy-in to Change by Robert Harris

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A few months ago, I was asked to speak at a corporate event involving the announcement of some major changes both to the organization’s structure and employees’ roles and responsibilities. About 200 senior managers and executives were in the room. As the CEO reached the podium, a huge banner unfolded with the message: Vision 2014. The […]

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Thoughts on Lou Adler’s “Hire with your Head”

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Interviews can devolve into an acting job for your candidates if the questions are not based on past performance but are purely hypothetical. Questions like Adler’s second one (“If you were to get this job, how would you…”) allow candidates to take a flight of fancy and answer the way they feel the interviewer wants.

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Leadership 101: Leadership Versus Management

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The key for leaders is to manage the tension between the leadership requirements (influencing people) and the management skills (managing processes). Leadership strives for effectiveness and management strives for efficiency. Sometimes you have to be inefficient in order to be effective. Making the call is the leader’s domain.

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The “Sine Qua Non” of Great Hiring Decisions – The “Scorecard”

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By using a scorecard before initiating the recruitment and selection process, you can ensure that there is alignment between the objectives outlined in the positions you are for and the overall goals for your organization.

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How “Fail-Fast” Methodology Applies to On-Boarding New Employees

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While we all hope that every new employee is going to make it, we also know that unfortunately this is not the case. A little advance planning can go a long way to reducing the cost of poor hires.

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3 Tactics for Successful Interviews

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After working so hard to get that interview it’s time show the employer you have what it takes for the job. Don’t be out done by your resume, live up to it.

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Leadership 101: Military Wisdom in Business – Volume 9

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Leadership 101: Military Wisdom in Business – Volume 9

Business executives get comparatively little training on how to effectively influence others. Their personal comportment can help or hinder the situation. The psychological importance of getting others to maintain focus in the face of complexity, challenges, interruptions and competing objectives is sadly underestimated.

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5 Tips For Creating Executive Resumes

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With the prominence of the internet and online databases used to filter through the hundreds of resumes received by hiring authorities daily, the need for a well-engineered resume is imperative. The following tips will help you to identify ways of improving your resume to be recognized by database filters, hiring managers and recruiters alike.

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