Fee Structure

Depending upon the search level, complexity and the services required, we can operate on a retained or contingent model, based either on an agreed percentage of anticipated annual compensation or a flat fee, within a range reflective of industry norms.


Our commitments that follow are proof of our dedication to exceeding your expectations, and to ensuring your complete satisfaction:

We will always adhere to the Code of Ethics of our national industry association (ACSESS) as well as our own Code of Ethics, which goes well beyond the industry standards.

In practical terms, this is achieved by a strict adherence to the following principles:

  • commitment to long term client relationships
  • needs satisfaction consulting, not selling
  • in-depth “listening” to real client and candidate needs
  • personal integrity
  • excellence in quality of service
  • motivation to serve
  • strict adherence of the Human Rights Code

We commit to replace a candidate who may leave your employ within an agreed upon time period – for whatever reason (provided that all contractual obligations have been met).

The “Big 6” Questions in Hiring and Retaining Top Talent
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