The PLACER© Search Process

The Placer© Process originally referred to the labour intensive practice of “panning” for gold.  Our 23 Step PLACER© Search Process allows us to sift through a large number of candidates to uncover the “nuggets” best suited to our client needs.  It is designed to provide a road map which maximizes the likelihood of a successful search outcome (breadth of search and depth of candidate assessment) while minimizing the potential negative impact of the unexpected (process control). In fact, our three unique Core Competencies pervade the entire search process:

Breadth of Search

  • Begins with industry research
  • Accesses candidates through almost a dozen sources including direct recruiting (head hunting), our proprietary computerized data base, former candidate reactivation, industry associations, referrals, advertising (if desired by the client), educational associations, and the internet

Depth of Candidate Assessment

  • Features a 4 level assessment and resume review, telephone screening, in-depth behaviour based interview and thorough reference checking
  • Can include psychometric assessment and career coaching (if desired by the client)

Leverage of Process Control

  • Over half of the stages in our 23 Step Process are included to eliminate “chance” and minimize the unexpected


The “Big 6” Questions in Hiring and Retaining Top Talent
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