The Fulcrum Story

Since 1971, we have been refining our processes to the point where our search assignment completing rate is three times the North American average, based on recent industry statistics. Our name reflects this significant benefit to our clients, as it represents the 3 Core Competencies of our firm, namely:

  • the leverage of our process control (“Fulcrum”)
  • the breadth of our search (“Search”)
  • the strength of our candidate assessment (the “Science” of Fit)

For those of you who are weak in either Mechanical Engineering or Latin, the following definition may help:

Fulcrum – from Latin “fulcire” – to support. 1. the support about which a lever turns; one that supplies capacity for action. (Webster’s Dictionary). 2. a person, organization or object used to apply power and get results. (Newbury Home Dictionary. 3. an agent through which vital powers are exercised. (American Heritage Dictionary).

We trust you are as inspired by the following graphics as we are:

Wall painting in the Stanzino della Matematiche in the Galleria degli Uffizi (Florence, Italy). Painted by Giulio Parigi in the years 1599-1600.

Engraving from Mechanics Magazine, London, 1824.
A remark by Archimedes, quoted by Pappus of Alexandria in his “Collection” (Synagoge, Book VIII, c.AD 340 [ed. Hultsch, Berlin 1878, p. 1060]).

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