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Dave Gray
DSG (Dolphin Striker Group) Associates
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Dave Gray

Dave Gray has extensive experience in senior executive coaching, career transition, management consulting, corporate insurance sales and operations, and executive recruiting in Canada and the UK. During the past twelve years, based initially in London UK, Dave has worked extensively as a coach with clients based in Europe and Asia, and for the past nine years in Toronto Canada with clients in Canada, the USA and Europe.

Dave earned his MBA from Strathclyde University, Glasgow Scotland. Thesis: Leadership & Empowerment in Theory & Practice. Major: Business Operations, UK Banking & Insurance Environments. Dave is certified in Cascade Coaching, MBTI, Facet5, Hogan Leadership and StressScan.

Previously, Dave was based in Edinburgh with responsibility for business development for the Scottish Region of Impact Plus PLC Business & Technology Consulting. He was then promoted to assume overall management responsibility for the Scottish Region. Before that, Dave started up and managed two Group Life & Health Divisions for the Canadian affiliate of Prudential of America: Sales/Head Office Liaison; and then a Direct Sales network.

As a coach, Dave has worked with executive clients in the following career positions:

Financial Services:

  • Board Chair, CEO, and VP level executives in Canadian insurance companies and UK banks.
  • Global Head, SVP, VP and Director level executives in “Big 5” Canadian banks.

Media & Communications:

  • VP, Director, and Executive Producer level executives in traditional broadcasting; new media; advertising; and related marketing and sales roles.


  • CA’s, CMA’s CFA’s, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers.

Applied and Theoretical Sciences

  • VP and Director level executives, each with a PhD, working in: astrophysics, neuroscience; healthcare administration; and data mining respectively.

Information Technology:

  • VP and Director level executives.


  • CEO, VP level executives in multi-national retail corporations.

Government and Military:

  • Senior Canadian government officials
  • Retired Canadian MP’s and Ontario MPP’s


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Michael Craig, President
Synergy Work Solutions
Mike Craig’s clients say he has provided them with real value and helped increase their individual and organizational productivity. His passion is providing real results to his clients, helping them achieve their goals faster and more consistently, improving business and personal results. Mike only works with individuals and organizations where he can add value.Synergy Work Solutions works with CEO’s, President’s, business owners, and senior executives looking to achieve more, produce better results, become more effective, maximize their own and their team’s potential, and produce measurable improved results.We do this by an initial determination of the “pain points”, and willingness to address them. If the determination is there and we can help, we then go from analysis of desired versus future state, to diagnosis of gaps, then to prescribing the best path forward. Steps can include:1. Getting a clear understanding of each organization’s and or individual’s success vision, values, strategy and goals, and current performance2. Identifying the leader’s and the team’s strengths and weaknesses3. An assessment of gaps between current and desired performance

4. An assessment of organizational culture, trust, and accountability

5. A focus on translating the big ideas into ground-level activity to attain significant performance outcomes

6. Understand and develop key measures to be achieved for success

7. Questioning, challenging assumptions, probing alternatives, identifying strong points of resistance, are all hallmarks of our unique and effective process

Identifying and attacking areas of mediocrity early in the process helps propel our clients results forward quickly. When leaders spend too much time doing things they do not do well, excellence is rarely an outcome.

Mike has successfully led two organizations with full P&L responsibility, and has extensive experience in functional senior executive positions in business to business and business to consumer organizations, from smaller entrepreneurial to Fortune 500 level companies. Mike has been recognized as one of Canada’s 50 most influential people in the Canadian Graphic Arts industry for his vision, leadership, innovation, impact, achievement, and social responsibility.

Most recently, Mike was Executive VP in a leading CEO and executive peer learning and development membership organization, CEO Global Network, where he helped in its significant growth, while simultaneously leading his own company, Synergy Work Solutions.

Mike also has executive experience with the world’s leading research-based consultancy, Great Place to Work® Institute, dedicated to building a better society by helping companies transform their workplaces. Their work, based on the major findings of more than 20 years of research finds that trust between managers and employees is the primary defining characteristic of the best workplaces.

Besides doing his undergraduate and graduate management studies at McGill University, in Montreal, Canada, Mike has extensive training in cutting edge Executive and Leadership Coaching practices through Corporate Coach U, and The Executive Committee Ltd. (TEC Ltd.), where he was a multiple award winning group Chairman. He has thousands of hours of practical application in one-on-one and group Executive Coaching and consulting situations.

Mike has also had the privilege of exclusive training in the new science of Positive Psychology, the study of optimal human functioning, with one of the world’s leading psychologists, and a past President of The American Psychological Association, Dr. Martin Seligman.

Mike can certainly be described as a lifelong learner, with a particular passion for human behavior, and the strategies that can effectively and positively create lasting change, and more successful and happier people and organizations.

Mike is currently writing his first book dealing with optimal individual and organizational performance, expected to be published in early 2013.


Morley and Associates
Gravenhurst, ON
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Stuart Morley, President

Morely and AssociatesStuart helps business leaders take their organization to the next level, including succession to the next generation. He is a strategist and leadership coach to midsize clients. He has 25 years experience in the management consulting and investment banking sectors. He has advised more than 200 different organizations including large corporations, financial institutions, professional service firms, non-profit organizations and owner/managed enterprises and written a number of articles.

Stuart has an MBA from the University of Cape Town and is a Past President of the American Marketing Association (Toronto Chapter). He is a frequent speaker at conferences, colleges and universities on strategic issues. Prior to starting Morley & Associates in 1996 he was a partner in an investment-banking firm. His career started as a Management Consultant with Deloitte & Touche in Cape Town and he transferred to Toronto in 1986.

George Torok Seminars
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Burlington, ON
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George Torok

Speaker, Author & Media PersonalityGeorge Torok launched his own business after more than 20 years in corporate management. He delivers inspirational keynotes and practical training programs across North America on Presentation Skills, Creative Problem Solving and Personal Marketing. Audiences remark on his warm humour, infectious enthusiasm, relevant content and impact of relating one-to-one with individuals.

He is also co-author of the national best-seller, ‘Secrets of Power Marketing’, with Peter Urs Bender. It is Canada’s first guide to personal marketing for the non-marketer. George has published numerous across North America and around the world. He writes in a marketing column for Small Business Canada.

As a Media Personality, he is host and creator of the weekly radio show, Business in Motion, on 93.3 CFMU. He interviews innovators, corporate executives, entrepreneurs and community leaders.

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