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Mark Ellwood – President of Pace Productivity Inc.

Mark Ellwood is an internationally known productivity consultant and a leading expert on how people spend their time. His company uses this knowledge to work with clients in identifying and implementing precise plans for employee improvement.

Mark’s groundbreaking productivity research with the TimeCorder, his practical insights into life balance, and his keen eye on how technology affects work have generated international media attention on numerous occasions. He has also presented papers on his research at international time-use conferences.

In addition to his consulting practice, Mark also conducts interactive, practical seminars on personal productivity and related topics. He brings an entertaining and interactive style to his presentations. Among his many speaking awards, he was the national champion for the Canada Jaycees and runner-up in a prestigious world competition. He has also coached four national speaking champions and one world winner.

Mark has written two books. “A Complete Waste of Time” combines humorous anecdotes with practical tips and “Cut the Glut of E-Mail” shows readers how to communicate more effectively.

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The Overcoming Overload Workshop Background

  • The growing demand for services, the forecasted shortage of skilled labor and the increasing flow of e-mail and information content will likely magnify our work overload and information overload problems.
  • The knowledge based economy has created an interdependent relationship between work overload and information overload. Control one and you can manage the other. The results, you will find are enhanced effectiveness and improved work/life balance.

Value Propositions For clients as large as IBM or a small as local charities, The Overcoming Overload Workshop has helped leaders and knowledge workers improve their effectiveness by reducing the negative impact of information overload by an average of 28% over an 8 week period. Helpful Links:

To read inside the workshop book, please go to and search on ISBN # 0973649321.

Baha and Margaret Habashy: For over thirty years they have partnered in life.  They collaborate in helping organizations, leaders and knowledge workers face the challenges of an overloaded world.

They bring over fifty years of experience in knowledge management, library science, and consulting services

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