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Elaine Charal, Certified Graphologist
Positive Strokes

Elaine Charal is a Certified Graphologist, a Keynote Speaker and Media Personality. She received her certification through the International Graphoanalysis Society of Chicago and also the American Handwriting Foundation, a handwriting association in the United States.

She has worked with over 50 companies for more than 10 years as a Certified Graphologist, analyzing handwriting and assisting companies in making their hiring decisions. Elaine also delivers humourous and entertaining keynote presentations on the topic and one-on-one analyses at corporate and private functions. She has been a guest on numerous television and radio shows, including Dini Petty Show, the Mike Bullard Show, Canada A.M., Global news at Noon, CHCH News, Rogers “Daytime”, CFRB’s Ted Woloshyn Show, CHFI’s “Chronicle” and “Sunday Sunday”, and more. Elaine has had many articles written about her in The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star and The Human Resource Magazine to name a few.

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Enhanced Performance Systems

ENHANCED PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS of Canada distributes The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) – Inventory and related computer software. In addition, we provide training and certification courses which teach qualified individuals to use both TAIS and Attention Control Training (ACT) procedures. Both TAIS and ACT are being used around the world for team building, and performance enhancement with top performers in business, sport, and the military.

TAIS Overview

  • TAIS is used around the world for the selection and training of high-level performers in sport, business, and the military.
  • TAIS measures the specific concentration, and interpersonal skills necessary for effective decision-making, and for the coordination of mental and physical processes in high-pressure situations.
  • TAIS results allow you to identify the specific environmental conditions likely to facilitate and/or interfere with an individual’s ability to make effective decisions and perform at the upper limits of their physical and mental potential.
  • TAIS results also allow you to identify the specific behaviors an individual needs to change to improve performance.
  • The Attentional and Interpersonal Style (TAIS) inventory, is a 144 item self-report questionnaire that measures twenty different concentration skills, personal and interpersonal attributes. Those specific concentration skills and personality characteristics can be thought of as the building blocks upon which more complex human behaviors depend.

Scores on the TAIS attentional scales allow you to identify an individuals concentration strengths and relative weaknesses. Scores on TAIS personal and interpersonal scales allow you to anticipate the types of performance situations which are likely to interfere with a persons ability to control their level of emotional arousal. These two pieces of information, combined with an understand of the concentration skills and interpersonal characteristics required by any specific performance situation will allow you to anticipate how a person will perform under pressure.

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